Disclosure Statement

Financial Advice Provider:
Nimble Brokers Limited Address:
Torbay, Auckland
Phone: 0800 646 253 (0800 NIMBLE)
Email address: hello@nimble.nz
This disclosure statement was prepared on: 17/02/2021

It is important that you read this document. This information will help you to choose a financial adviser that best suits your needs. It will also provide some useful information about the financial adviser that you may choose. Nature and scope of advice Nimble Brokers Limited provides financial advice to clients about their:
• Term life insurance (which includes life, total disablement) needs and products
• Disability income protection, mortgage protection insurance needs and products
• Business life and disability insurance needs and products• Health insurance needs and products
• Critical illness insurance needs and products
• Funeral insurance needs and products

All of their advisers can advise on these product areas and needs.

Duties and obligations
Nimble Brokers Limited has duties and obligations under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 relating to how they give advice.
They are required to:
• Ensure you understand the nature and scope of service you ask them to provide.
• Provide an advice service that is relevant to this scope of service and suitable to your circumstances and needs.
• Listen to your needs, concerns, preferences and to treat you fairly and with respect.
• Act with integrity and give priority to your interests and give advice not influenced by their own interests.•
Exercise care diligence and skill in providing you with advice.
• Meet the necessary standards of competence, knowledge, and skill to provide you with the advice requested.
• Ensure you understand their advice and recommendations and any associated risks.
• Keep you informed along the way and communicate in a timely, clear, and effective manner.

Fees and expenses
Nimble Brokers Limited does not charge fees, expenses or any other amount for the financial advice provided to their clients.

Nimble Brokers Limited is a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) licensed and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice. Our Financial Services Provider (FSP) number is 735871.

Complaints and disputes
You may contact Nimble’s internal complaints scheme by calling Nimble on 0800 646 253 or emailing them at hello@nimble.nz. Once they have received your complaint, they will endeavor to resolve the issue within 2 working days. If an agreement cannot be reached on how to fix the issue, or if you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman. This service will cost you nothing, and will help Nimble to resolve any disagreements.You can contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman at
PO Box 10-845,
Wellington 6143,
New Zealand
Telephone number: 04 499 7612
Email address: info@iombudsman.org.nz

Conflicts of interests and incentives
Nimble Brokers Limited and their Financial Advisers receive commissions from the providers on whose products they recommend and you take out. The amount of commission paid to them is based on the premium you pay.More detail is provided at the time their advice is given. From time to time, product providers may also reward Nimble for business they provide to them. To ensure that their financial advisers prioritise the client’s interests above their own, Nimble follow an advice process that ensures our recommendations are made on the basis of the client’s objectives, needs and circumstances. All of their Financial Advisers undergo training about how to manage conflicts of interest. They undertake a compliance audit. And a review of their compliance programme annually by a reputable compliance adviser.

More information
Please contact 0800 646 253 if you would like more information or would like to know more about Nimble.